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Close to the Enemy

Close to the Enemy (2016)

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The British limited series Close to the Enemy debuted on BBC 2 in the late fall of 2016, bringing a dash of post-WWII intrigue back to television. In the series, it's 1946 and the Third Reich's been taken care of. But all those Nazi scientists have all sorts of valuable abilities that the Brits, Americans and Russians all want to take advantage of. When jet engine master Dieter Koehler (August Diehl) comes under British possession, the Brits know his expertise would be a huge boon to their Cold War conundrum. Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) is tasked with getting him to cooperate, but since he's not all that keen on working for the people he just lost a war to it's a bit of a tough task. But even if Ferguson gets Dieter and his young daughter onboard with helping the British Empire, there's still all those British people who don't appreciate their government offering aid to someone who aided the country that killed so many of their friends and family members. Can Callum create a cohesive unit out of all these parts or will tensions turn out to be too much to handle? You'll be dreaming about being between the thighs of the hottest members of the Allies, thanks to a terrific topless scene from the buxom (for the 1940's) blonde, Charity Wakefield in episode 2! Charity graciously bares her breasts while banging a dude, all while another woman spies on them via a listening device! Listen to us, you want to see it! There's also a good look at Charlotte Riley's rack as she makes love to a military man. Don't close the door, we like to watch! Close to the Enemy will help you get closer to yourself!