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The Special

The Special (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Special (2020) is a crazy series about a man who suspects that his wife has been cheating on him. He tries to figure out the truth as well as cope with the truth which leads him down a seedy path of addiction and horror. A bunch of horrendous horror tropes happens as the husband tries to make his wife pay for what he belies she has done. He is told to look for "The Special" which is basically some kind of cursed STD at a magical whorehouse of sorts. He passes this to his wife which has disastrous effects on her and their marriage! Sarah French is the sexy wife in the movie who is a blonde femme fatale that will make everyone swoon. She is the wife of everyone's dreams, so it's no wonder that an insecure husband might drive himself crazy trying to see if she's stepping out on him. People are probably banging on this babe's door! Sexy Sarah shows her suck sacks when her hubby slips off her white robe so that the pair can have sex on the bed. The sex gets pretty rough with him thrusting in her pretty hard, but it makes her boobs bounce so we like that. Sarah French has the jiggle and the wiggle we love! We see another shot of her rack when she takes a shower. This hourglass hottie scrubs her wet mams and then uses a towel which turns bloody when it is revealed her hubby did something scary!