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The Mess You Leave Behind

The Mess You Leave Behind (2020)

Brief Nudity


The Spanish series El desorden que dejas, or The Mess You Leave Behind, is based on a best-selling 2016 novel of the same name about a naïve young teacher and the secrets she uncovers after deciding to give her philandering husband a second chance. Inma Cuesta stars as Raquel, a literature teacher who determines that the best course of action for her life is to grant her husband Germán (Tamar Novas) a second chance after he jeopardizes their marriage, and she moves with him to the remote country town where he grew up in order to make a fresh start. At first, things seem like they're going to work out, with the change of scenery working wonders on their marriage. However, Raquel soon discovers that Germán's early life in this quiet hamlet was filled with some serious misdeeds, ones that certain people in town took pains to cover up. As Raquel begins to pull on the thread of the sweater that is her life, she has no clue the danger she's in as it all begins to unravel! The series came to Netflix in late 2020, providing a much needed salve during those dark COVID-tinged days, and we couldn't be more excited because it brought us the latest nudity from the always amazing Inma Cuesta! In the show's debut episode, we get some great looks at her breasts while she has sex with her husband, along with a peek down her shirt two episodes later when we see her getting banged from behind on a cell phone video! I think we all know exactly what The Mess You Leave Behind will be after seeing those scenes!