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3 Caminos

3 Caminos (2021)

Brief Nudity


3 Caminos (2021) means "3 paths" which is a fitting way to describe this very fun series. The series is divided into three stages of five different people's lives: 2000, 2006, and 2021. Some young friends named Jana, Luca, Roberto, Yoon Soo, and Raquel go on three different road trips together. The first one is when they are in their 20s, the second is when they are in their 30s, and the third is when they are past 40. So much happens to each of them and this series explores the ways that people change from one decade of their life to the next - as well as all of the many ways in which people and relationships actually don't change. It's a touching story about different people who find themselves and come back together to stay friends. Veronica Echegui plays the sexy Spaniard Raquel who is part of a couple with Korean friend Yoon Soo. When they aren't making music together, she is getting sexy in her skivvies. Anna Schimrigk, meanwhile, plays the anti-establishment German woman named Jana who shows off her body in her bra and panties. In another scene, her top comes off and we get to see peaks of her rack when she lays on her back and gets banged by a lucky dude. Jana's arc softens throughout the show as she becomes more compassionate later in the series - a far cry from her rage-filled self. Still, we would love more from cans on their caminos.