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The Hockey Girls

The Hockey Girls (2019-2020)

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The Hockey Girls (2019) is a Spanish series in Catalan about a group of young roller hockey players and the drama of being young women as well tough-as-nails hockey players at Club Pati Minerva. The babes in this show are unbelievably hot with their athletic bods and fierce attitudes. Asia Ortega and Mireia Oriol both play hotties who take off their sports bras in the locker room to show some breastage. Asia and Mireia also play tonsil hockey when they makeout. Si, senoritas! They aren't the only girls who show pucks.Júlia Gilbertshows up in her bra often and finally takes off her skivvies to have sex with a guy in her dorm room.Natàlia Barrientosbares her knockers when she has sex with a dude and she also shows off her slightly fuller figure in some underwear-clad photoshoots.Íria del Ríosticks with just wearing her underwear when she applies makeup in her black bra and panties.Dèlia Brufauand Nora Navas also stick to their bras.Mireia Aixalàtakes her bra off to enjoy some coitus in bed with a man. Two girls who don' need a man are Mireia Oriol and Claudia Riera who makeout so much. Claudia takes her shirt off but keeps her bra on, as these babes lock lips. The Hockey Girls will make your stick hard!