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Valeria (2020-2023)

Great Nudity!


Debuting in 2020, Valeria is a Netflix original from Spain starring Diana Gomez as Valeria, a struggling writer who is also struggling in her marriage. Written, directed and casted by all women, Valeria is struggling with writer's block and being bored of the cock her failed photographer boyfriend (Ibrahim Al Sami J) provides. Valeria blows off steam by hanging out with her best friends Lola (Silma Lopez), Carmen (Paula Malia), and Nerea (Teresa Riott). Lola's the slutty one who loudly declares that she doesn't need a boyfriend, just a bunch of boy toys, whether they have wives or not. Nerea's a lesbian too scared to tell her Conservative parents that she likes the clam. Carmen's the cute one crushing on a coworker but unsure of whether mixing business with pleasure is a good idea. They might have different personalities, but luckily, all of these senoritas get sexy. Diana herself gives us plenty to write about as the redheaded hottie shows her breasts constantly, whether in the bathtub or as she has sweaty sex that leave us drooling. Way to go, Miss Gomez! Her friend Silma Lopez is a mamacita who shows her mams in some really sultry sex scenes, the best of which is probably in a montage of all the friends railing some fellas. She also looks amazing in her black lace panties and bra! Paula Malia is a curly-haired cutie who shows her hourglass figure in a red bra and matching panties, though it's the mam filled montage where we see her titties for the first time. Teresa Riott is a riot as the group's lesbian lover who gets hot and heavy with Raquel Ventosa and Dominga Bofill, who both give us our fill of their girl-on-girl make-outs. Julia Roca will make you salivate in your Boca when you see her boobs and buns as she wears a hot harness to have sex using a strap-on. Strap on to see the sex scene with Ruth Llopis wearing a tank top while pregnant. She's getting banged out because, baby, that future MILF deserves it. This group of girls just can't stop showing the girls! We wish every group of women did as much P in V as the ladies of Valeria!