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The Innocent

The Innocent (2021)

Brief Nudity

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The Spanish series The Innocent debuted on Netflix in the United States in late April, 2021, and centers around the notion that your entire life can be irrevocably changed in an instant. A decade ago, Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas) inserted himself into a deadly fight between his younger brother and another man. While trying to break the fight up, Mateo accidentally kills the other man and gets sent to prison for the crime. Now on his way out of the clink, Mateo is a changed man, no longer "The Innocent" referred to in the title, but rather a man who has seen and done things he never thought he'd see or do. While on a furlough, Mateo had met a woman named Olivia (Aura Garrido), who is the first person he looks up once he's out of jail, and the two start a very tenuous relationship. Mateo's life seems to be getting back on track when members of his family and friends begin dying one by one under mysterious circumstances. While Mateo could easily chalk this up to bad coincidences, he can't help but think that this might have something to do with the man he murdered all those years ago! The deeper Mateo digs, however, the more he discovers that absolutely no one is truly innocent! The series features a lot of sexy content, including a lesbian lip lock between Martina Gusman and Juana Acosta, the latter of whom has a brief topless scene in episode two! There's also a much better topless scene from Aysha Daraaui in episode six, and additional sexy content throughout the first season from Aura Garrido and Asia Ortega