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The Time It Takes

The Time It Takes (2021)

Great Nudity!


The Spanish series El Tiempo Que Te Doy, or The Time It Takes, is a radical departure for a Netflix series, with each episode running about as long as an episode of an Adult Swim cartoon series. Debuting on the streaming service in the fall of 2021, the series follows Lina (Nadia de Santiago) as she puts an end to her nearly decade long relationship with Nico (Álvaro Cervantes), knowing that what they both need most right now is a clean break to move on with their lives. Though it's obvious that they love one another, they've also stagnated as a couple and Lina has decided to be the one who actually puts an end to things so they can regain their happiness in life. Of course, like with the end of any long relationship, memories of how the couple first met and fell in love come flooding back to Lina. Each new episode brings another major step toward the dissolution of their relationship, accompanied by a strong and loving memory tied to that step, such as how packing up certain objects brings back the memory of how those objects were first acquired. The entire series is steeped in that same melancholy emotion that anchors us in the present while also tying us to our past. Of course, our favorite memory of this series is how leading lady Nadia de Santiago went topless multiple times throughout the first season, showing off her spectacular rack in a variety of settings! When we think back on The Time It Takes, it'll likely be to our fond memories of Nadia's many topless scenes!