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Paradise (2021)

Brief Nudity

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The Spanish science fiction series Paraíso, or Paradise, debuted on HBO Max in the fall of 2021 with an interesting concept unlike anything we've seen in quite some time. Unlike the vast majority of science fiction tales set in the far off future, this one is set nearly 30 years in the past from the time the show premiered, in 1992. Three teenage girls disappear in The Levante Region in the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, plunging their small town into tragic chaos. Dissatisfied with the police investigation and the lack of any leads, one of the missing girls' brother Javi (Pau Gemeno) teams up with his friends Quino (León Martinez) and Álvaro (Cristian López) to find them. When the school bully Zeta (Héctor Gozalbo) overhears their plans, he tags along for reasons unknown to all involved. After some leads run cold, the quartet of amateur sleuths come across the Paraíso Nightclub, which seems to hold the key to the mystery of the girls' disappearance, and if they're not careful, it may end up taking a hold of them as well! The show's low tech approach to a period sci fi tale is sure to grab the imaginations of many audience members, but us skin fanatics will be left wanting a little more! The debut episode does feature a lusty lesbian liplock between Noelia Pompa and Rebeca Plaza, but for a show calling itself Paradise, you might well assume for a little bit more in the way of hot lesbian action! That's certainly what we think of when we hear the word!