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The Last Sect

The Last Sect (2006)

No Nudity


The Last Sect (2006) is a vampire film starring noted autoerotic asphyxiation enthusiast David Carridine as Abraham Van Helsing, a man tracking down a notorious vampire named Anna (Deborah Odell) who uses her internet dating site to track down her victims. When a journalist (Natalie Brown) begins an investigation into the site, she finds herself strangely drawn to Anna, and before long, finds herself in over her head as her fascination might lead to her demise! When Deborah Odell and Natalie Brown decide to explore their sapphic side, the scene is particularly hot if sadly devoid of any skin. Though Natalie does doff her top, the shot stays well above her shoulder, making it impossible to see anything, but their make out session might just be enough to have you pulling a David Carridine yourself! Just make sure you know what you're doing, it didn't end well for him!