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The Gingerweed Man

The Gingerweed Man (2021)

Great Nudity!

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Full Moon Studios does it again with this short form flick centered on all of our favorite past-times, getting baked out of our heads and looking at scalding hot women doink puppets!  In the spirit of the Evil Bong (2006), The Gingerdead Man (2005), and countless other low budget and hilarious flicks from Full Moon, we now have The Gingerweed Man, living in the same film universe.  The titular character in this one is a one foot tall little green man who bombs around LA on a mini moped, running a successful weed delivery business to a bevy of babes, buds, and even bad guys, who are all just looking to toke up a bit.  When a mad scientist makes a mega-chronic strain of living weed called Baby Buddy, the evil people looking to profit on such a potent strain of sticky icky start coming out of the wood works.  When "Gingy" gets tasked by Kaya the Weed Queen (Paige Phillips) with saving the day by protecting Baby Buddy, he has to put down his bong and pick up his fisticuffs to cash out the bad guys on the hunt!  Along the way, plenty of stoner shenanigans ensue for our tiny hero as he wakes up next to the naked Johanna Rae and can't remember her name.  He gets paid for a sack of weed by a couple of swingers by getting busy with the wife (Andrea Fischer), who shows us plenty of skin!  AND, he even goes above and beyond to save his best friend, Barbara (Naiia Lajoie), who is sold into slavery by the bad guys while in a skimpy bikini.  This movie has it all, so buckle up, pack one up, lose your pants, find your lighter, and get ready for some classic stoner laughs!