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The Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle (1982)

Brief Nudity


The Concrete Jungle (1982) is a great, sleazy, down and dirty women in prison flick helmed by prolific gay porn director (!) Tom DeSimone. The plot kicks off when scumbag Danny (Peter Brown) loads his girlfriend Elizabeth’s (Tracey E. Bregman) skis with cocaine as she’s boarding an airplane. Once she’s busted on drug charges, the naïve nubile goes through a joke of a trial. But Liz isn’t laughing when she ends up as the “new fish” in California’s skinfamous Correctional Institution for Women. There, she meets creatively-named characters such as Spider (Aimee Eccles), Eyes (Kendal Kaldwell), Icy (June Barrett), Breaker (Susan Mechsner), Blimp (Maria Caso), Sweets (Sally Julian), and Cheeks (Carole Ita White). Red-haired Warden Fletcher (Jill St. John) is a hottie but she’s also a pain in the crotch. And the joint’s queen bee Cat (Barbara Luna) is even worse! To top it off, these two witches are in cahoots with one another — running a dope and prostitution racket while the guards get all kinds of inappropriate action with nonconsensual skinmates. One such unlucky prisoner is portrayed by I Spit on Your Grave (1978) star Camille Keaton. While the arousing actress’s best known work is a masterpiece of vengeance, her character in this pic doesn’t get the same kind of arc when she’s taken against her will. Despite the violence of the act, the scene showcases Ms. Keaton’s bare breasts and bush. Mr. Skin may not be proud to admit The Concrete Jungle puts a steel girder in his trousers!