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The Better Half (2015)

No Nudity

(0:03) Kathleen Rose Perkins working out in tight exercise pants by thrusting her butt up and down to lift weights.
(0:10) Karissa Lee Staples long legs in her firehouse shorts.
(0:26) Karissa Lee Staples bends over in her little firehouse shorts that all the guys can’t help but stare at.
(0:40) Kathleen Rose Perkins wears a sexy girl scout outfit trying to entice her husband.
(0:53) Rosanna Iversen with her bra exposed.
(0:55) Cleavage on Musetta Vander sitting on the couch laughing at the mayor’s fall.
(0:56) The “other” Kathleen Rose Perkins lying on the bed in her panties and then gets up when her husband comes home.
(0:58) The “real” Kathleen Rose Perkins takes off her robe revealing her black lingerie as she gets in bed with her husband asking if he is “ready for round two.”
(1:00) Some right underboob on the “other” Kathleen Rose Perkins after she has tried lifting up her shirt to stop her husband.
(1:04) Nicole Randall, Lauren Mary Kim & Talia Diligham strip down to bra and panties to dance while dressed as clowns.
(1:08) Nicole Randall, Lauren Mary Kim & Talia Diligham dancing around the party in their bra and panties.
(1:09) Karissa Lee Staples strips to her bra.
(1:09) Nice leggy shot of Amanda Leighton in bed making up with a guy. He lifts her top up to expose her bra.
(1:11) Karissa Lee Staples now strips to her panties too.
(1:12) Guy run his hand up Amanda Leighton’s leg pushing her skirt up a little more.
(1:13) Amanda Leighton kneels on the bed and her shirt is up exposing her bra.
(1:19) More of Karissa Lee Staples in her bra and panties as the alarm goes off at the station. 
(1:20) Karissa Lee Staples arrives in her bra and fireman pants. As does one of the CLOWN STRIPPERS in her bra and panties at the fire. (This looks like Talia Diligham.)
(1:29) CLOWN STRIPPER in her bra and panties doing a TV interview. (This looks like Talia Diligham.)

Talia K. Dillingham

Clown Stripper

Lauren Mary Kim

Clown Stripper

Amanda Leighton

Emily Ryan

Kathleen Rose Perkins

Calista / Cali Ryan

Nicole Randall

Clown Stripper

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