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Glass Jaw

Glass Jaw (2018)

Brief Nudity

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They say in the boxing ring when someone has a Glass Jaw, they are susceptible to the knockout blow from their opponent...  The title for this movie must be ironic because it follows the redemption story of Travis Austin (Lee Kholafai), who is the exact opposite of a glass jaw, both in and out of the ring.  After his tough upbringing as a poor kid, being raised by an alcoholic father who turns his eye to boxing as both a way to make a quick buck, but also as a way of life, he find himself becoming a pro over the years.  Once Travis fights his way all the way up to becoming the champ, he has it all stripped away after a night of partying that leaves his trainer's daughter dead after OD'ing in his bed!  Of course, all fingers point to the rough and tumble boxer as being the one responsible for this young hottie's demise and this pugilist gets a stiff sentence in the state pen.  After doing his bid, he gets out to find that he has lost everything, including the title, his trainer's love, and has to mop floors at his gym even to get a chance to get back into the ring.  The only thing that stayed with him is his smoking hot girlfriend, played by the Nude-Comer Korrina Rico, who not only gives him some serious "welcome back from prison" sexy time, she also gives him the inspiration to get back into the ring to take on the guy who very well might have been the reason he was in there in the first place!