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Tesla (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Tesla (2020) isa biopic about the one and only Nikola Tesla. This drama focuses on his life story and not just his wild interactions with hawkish inventor Thomas Edison played by Kyle MacLachlan, although that is a huge part of the story as well. This movie shows their wars with competing patents on electrical power and their eventual breakthroughs in power and light electricity. This movie not only focuses on the battle of the currents, but it gives us much more of  deep dive into Tesla's personal life and his great love story with a wealthy woman. Ethan Hawke plays Tesla to perfection while the always alluring Eve Hewson plays Anne Morgan, the daughter of J.P. Morgan. Anne and Nikola had a wild love affair that also becomes a focal point of the story. We do not get to see Eve as Anne nude, but we do get some scintillating sexiness from actress Rebecca Dayan. Rebecca wears a black gown that really shows off her finest features. Rebecca lays on her side on a fainting couch and she looks so good that you might faint as well. She wears a lacey black top part of her dress that is completely see-through. The best part? She is not wearing any undergarments to cover her breasts up. Check out her salacious suck sacks through her top. You can see her small, deliciously hard nipples as she so casually hangs out on that couch. This brief view of her breasts in her see-through dress is utterly eclectic!