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Bloodline (2015-2016)

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Bloodline is the thirteenth original series from Netflix, and it's also one of its most critically acclaimed. This Southern Gothic series, which debuted in March, 2015 and lasted three seasons, follows the highly dysfunctional Rayburn family. When the oldest son Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) returns home to the family's Florida hotel after a long absence, family members must choose up sides, including detective son John (Kyle Chandler), attorney daughter Meg (Linda Cardellini), and the hot-headed baby of the family Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz). The siblings are all seemingly successful, law abiding members of society who know Danny's bad news, and want no part of him coming back. While their parents (Sam Shepard & Sissy Spacek) seem like the real victims in this in-fighting, revelations and buried secrets will soon reveal that not everyone is who or what they seem, and that there are a whole lot of literal skeletons in everybody's closets. For such an adult show, Bloodline doesn't have all that many skin scenes to get your blood pumping. We do get some sexy shots of Linda Cardellini in her blue bra. Better than that bra shot, however, are some supremely sexy shots of co-star Chloe Sevigny's cleavage in a grey tank top that'll have you going to town to that downblouse, and her amazing ass in some see-through panties. We've studied that donkey so much, we could pick it out of a lineup! The only nudity in the series came when Andrea Riseborough gave us a serious rise in the pants by flashing all three B's as she spent some time naked in a hotel room with John Leguizamo. Thanks to that one scene, Bloodlines will have you producing some substances that are thicker than water!