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Da Vinci's Demons

Da Vinci's Demons (2013-2015)

Great Nudity!


Starz and BBC Worldwide kick off their first collaborative effort with a look Leonardo da Vinci‘s early life in Da Vinci's Demons. With plenty of artistic license given to the historical part of this historical fantasy, Leonardo spends equal time inventing magical machines, uncovering corruption in the Vatican City, and wooing women. Aside from his penchant for building flying machines, Leo also has a deep and abiding interest in etching portraits of hot period pieces. With Euro babes like Laura Haddock and Hera Hilmar going topless in the first episode, the series cemented its status as a masterpiece of ass early on. Three seasons in and we have some more Renaissaucy racks from Jeany Spark, Lara PulverEstella Daniels, and more as well as a jug and rug combo with Carolina Guerra! Your Vitruvian Man will undoubtedly love these Moan-a Lisas! The consensus among most people who have given this show a chance seems to be that it is quite fascinating, some gorgeous CGI, well-choreographed action sequences, thrilling adventures, and much more. Sure, it doesn't really do any justice to the real history of da Vinci's life, but what difference does it make when you can be placated with action and naked ladies!? People who are looking for a realistic depiction of Leo should probably steer clear though, as this one is nothing if not fantastical. What else is fantastical? Well, you can start with the effortless hotness of the ladies onscreen. It'll make you want to play with your little skin imp too!