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Camelot (2011)

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While you probably thought King Arthur chilled with a wizard, yanked a sword from a stone, then was handed a crown, a roundtable and a kingdom, Starz's one season drama Camelot promised to dispel that notion and “redefine the classic medieval tale of King Arthur.” Apparently this means lots and lots of nudity, because when it comes to medieval mammaries, Camelot delivers the goods. On the show, Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower) is a normal dude who doesn't realize his dad is the king. The king dies, the wizard Merlin (Joseph Fiennes) figures it out, and decides he'll help make Arthur the new king. This idea massively pisses off the king's daughter Morgan Pendragon (Eva Green) who thinks the throne should be hers. In fact, the enchantress offed her own dad to land the gig, which is probably why Merlin wants to keep her from ruling the kingdom. When the kingdom takes sides, we find ourselves in the midst of a battle featuring knights, witches, wizards, and all the backstabbing you'd expect in a premium cable show. But this thrilling saga of courtly intrigue and pagan magic contains plenty of poon to sharpen your broadsword, also. Mr. Skin hall-of-famer Eva Green stars as Arthur’s half-sister Morgan. This erotic enchantress has the dark beauty and bodacious curves to cast a spell that gets Mr. Skin all wet and sticky. Watching her go fully nude while taking a bath made us cum a lot! While Claire Forlani uses a body double, also starring on the show is British beauty Tamsin Egerton, who caused a stir when she first appeared topless at age 16 in the comedy Keeping Mum (2005). She’s still got the stunning good looks to cause a stir in men’s jeans, and as the adulteress blonde babe Guinevere, there’s plenty of potential for Tamsin to show some tan skin. The best of those opportunities comes when she bangs Arthur on the beach. And she's not the only blonde our boy Arthur gets to play hide the sword with. In the woods, Mieke Dockley shows her cans and rump while boning the boy who would be king. Keep in mind, as a everyone called him "the wart", and these women are still tossing their panties aside for him! Who knew ruling Camelot meant you got to take home a camgirl looking woman every night?