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Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday (1988)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


While much better known for his Oscar nominated work in Leaving Las Vegas (1995), director Mike Figgis grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, which was the setting for his big screen debut, Stormy Monday (1988). Nightclub owner Mr. Finney (Sting) hires a guy named Brendan (Sean Bean) to do some janitorial services for him after discovering their mutual appreciation of jazz. Finney is being pressured to sell his club to the American real estate tycoon Francis Cosmo (Tommy Lee Jones), and Brendan overhears that the Yank is willing to kill Finney to make sure he sells. In the midst of all this, Brendan has fallen for one of the girls that works at the club, Kate, played by Melanie Griffith. But when it ends up Kate's past involved working for Francis Cosmo, all sorts of allegiances and alliances come into question. There's double crossing, murder attempts, shadowy figures following men down dark alleyways, and all that other noir jazz, as well as tons of actual jazz. Tons of jazz, but not much to jizz to, unfortunately. We wish this one was a storm of sexual cinema, a true tempest of titties, but are sad to report that it's only Melanie Griffith willing to show her mams in Stormy Monday. Not that Melanie's mommy milkers aren't memorable every time we get a glimpse. Melanie shows her impressive chest in a sex scene as a parade passes by the hotel she's hanging out in, and also divulges a little bit of derriere behind the transparent shower screen. All this and a few good underwear shots provide us enough brief nudity to keep our cock pleased throughout the week after watching Stormy Monday