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Stereo (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The German thriller Stereo (2014) presents a nightmarish vision that can only come out of one of the most notorious countries in the world. Erik (Jurgen Vogel) is a man with a dark past who is trying to put his past behind him. Unfortunately, he receives a speeding ticket one night, allowing a band of gypsies, including a mysterious hooded man (Mortiz Bleibtreu), to get a beat on his location. Are these the demons of his past, coming back to haunt him, or is something even more sinister at play? Strangely, the film's sexiest scene is also one of its most disturbing! Erik goes upstairs in his home, only to see his girlfriend, played by Petra Schmidt-Schaller, being taken from behind by the hooded man on a bed that is engulfed in flames! Is this a vision or is it really happening? Who cares, because either way it gives us a nice, quick look at Petra's breasts and butt! That should have you cranking up the volume!