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Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry (1976)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Rich guys who have everything, including good looks and an impeccable pedigree, always want more, which explains why they are forever forsaking their rarefied dating pool and falling in love with spunky chicks from the skimpy side of the tracks. As Stay Hungry (1976) charmingly illustrates, love and lust are so much earthier and real when unhampered by considerations of protecting and expanding vast personal wealth. Handsome Hollywood prince Jeff Bridges plays wealthy Southern socialite Craig Blake, a dude with tons of money and an easy job working for an investment firm. His job has him investigate a gym they're going to buy and knock down, but soon enough he's hanging with the bodybuilders like Joe Santo (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and boning the gym receptionist Mary Tate (Sally Field). But Mary Tate doesn't blend in very well with the country club crowd Craig colludes with, and he's not feeling too good about screwing over the meatheads he's become buddies with. Will Craig abandon his fortune to keep the girl and the dudes doing curls? Not many people realize how big this flick made Arnie, a full year before Pumping Iron (1977) would come out. He even took home the now defunct "New Star of the Year" Golden Globe Award for his work in it. But for Mr. Skin's money, the real star was the fully nude Sally Field. Yes, Sally shows her adorable tush and a bit of tit while parading around naked for Craig. You'll have a field day in your pants watching that one! No wonder Craig decides to stay with that lay! There's also Laura Hippe flashing buns while hanging upside down in some sort of exercise contraption that looks like more fun than a Peloton, and Brandy Wilde showing her ginger tipped tatas while stripping down for a bodybuilder, and a little ass when he tears her panties off. You'll get, then stay horny watching the ladies in Stay Hungry!