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SMILF (2017-2019)

Great Nudity!


Sometimes in life, you have to make your own way. Frankie Shaw, best known as Mary Jo Cacciatore on Blue Mountain State, created SMILF (Single Mom I'd Like to Fuck) as a short film about a single mom trying her best to get back out there and date again. Then in 2017, Showtime turned it into a full-fledged series wherein Frankie retains her role as the titular SMILF, who struggles to maintain a work-life balance while also attempting to throw dating into the mix. Frankie plays Bridgette Bird, a South Boston based, brand new baby momma whose fella Rafi (Miguel Gomez) is in and out of the picture. Lasting two seasons, we watch as she struggles with Rafi's decisions on how the baby should be raised, all sorts of financial issues, questions about how sexually appealing she is after popping out a baby, and overall struggling with a life that didn't quite go the way she hoped it would. There are women to satisfy every unique taste on this drama, from the BBW Raven Goodwin filming herself eating in a bra and panties as some sort of a feeder fetish camgirl site, to Numa Perrier making us thirsty with a look at her big black ass and rack while boning a dude, all the way to Rosie O'Donnell lathering lotion all over her XXL bod. But if you're looking for something more conventional for your pecker, the stunning, blonde supermodel figure of Samara Weaving will do the trick, especially the nip slip we get when she takes a picture in a super busty dress. But it's Frankie who does all sorts of hanky panky in this one, from showing her milkers while lying in a milk filled bathtub, to flashing ass while riding a dude's dick in the stockroom of a store, to showing all three B's while letting a youngster do her from behind in the bathroom. No wonder she ended up knocked up after taking all that cock up her baby chute. We'll be a stepdad if it means having Miss Bird on our cock! Frankie Shaw's one hot mama on SMILF