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Shooter (2007)

No Nudity

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Former military sniper Mark Wahlberg has turned tail on civilization and is shacked up in the deep woods with a beard, a dog, and a bunch of guns, but all this soon will come undone in Shooter (2007). See, there're always bad guys on the loose, and the good guys always end up crawling out of retirement, right? Right! So of course Marky's soon in the fight, and he has his sights set on taking down whoever it is that toyed with his life, screwed with his career, and then played him for a patsy in a bungled assassination plot. Revenge is a dish best served at a distance . . . with a high-caliber rifle! Marky has beltway baddies Danny Glover and Ned Beatty marked for the kill, and things are about to get ugly for this funky bunch. Conspira-see-you-in-hell, punks!