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The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo (2002)

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Chauffeur Jackie Chan learns that clothes make the man in the comic actioner The Tuxedo (2002). The legend of confused, comedic karate plays Jimmy Tong, a cab driver turned chauffeur for the mysterious Clark Devlin (Jason Isaacs). After someone attacks the car and puts Clark in a coma, Jimmy realizes he was a spy, and finds his high tech tuxedo that gives whoever is wearing it superpowers, like becoming a straight up ninja. He decides to impersonate Clark to save the world from a bunch of terrorists set on destroying the nation's water supply, and gets teamed up with Agent Del Blaine (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a nerdy newcomer who is just happy to be out of the office. If you've seen a Jackie Chan movie before, you can guess where this one is going. He's going to beat up all the bad guys with improvised weapons that he can make a joke with, and pull off some insane stunts, all while pretending he's being controlled by the tricked out penguin suit. And since he's a former cab driver, you can bet he's gonna have to rely on those driving skills at some point, too. But what you probably won't be expecting, is Jennifer Love Huge Tits to unveil her chest cannons in the PG-13 spy satire. After we see Mia Cottet in a very sexy white bra and panties, trying to seduce our sudden super spy, Jennifer ends up fighting a dude in a swimming pool. Look really closely and you'll see that her hooter came flying out of her blue bikini top, and the editors completely missed it. Critics saw the movie about the magic tux and declared that this flick sucks, but even if it's not amongst Jackie's best it does offer a flash of Jennifer's jugs. So, how bad could it actually be? We spied some nip in the spy comedy, The Tuxedo