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Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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Before the #Metoo movement essentially put an end to his career, Brett Ratner was a bigtime director putting the final touches on his martial arts-centric, biracial buddy cop trilogy with Rush Hour 3 (2007). With its iconic mix of racial jokes and rock em sock em karate action, this beloved franchise went out with a bang by bringing in Hiroyuki Sanada to play Jackie Chan's childhood foster brother. This time around, Hong Kong cop Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) is the bodyguard for the Chinese ambassador visiting LA, when the ambassador is shot and Lee tracks down the wannabe killer only to find out it's his foster brother Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada). Since it's a bigtime crime in LA, soon enough Lee's joined by his old pal LAPD Detective James Carter (Christ Tucker), and the two need to once again team up to take out the Triads in a globetrotting adventure that brings them to Paris. They don't get the warmest welcome—French fuzz Roman Polanski puts them on notice in a super controversial casting choice, and cab driver Yvan Attal yanks their chain while trash talking Yanks. Unfazed by all this Gallic gall, the duo does what it is wont to do, namely dueling high-kicking criminals and addlepated assassins like Sun Ming Ming in an eiffel tower sword fight. Things really heat up when smoking-hot Noémie Lenoir enters the picture . . . and not just because she carries a crucial clue. We see the babe in her bra and undies as she seduces Chris Tucker before an Asian assassin spoils the fun. Jasmine Dustin appears when Tucker sneaks backstage as a fake French fashion designer, and goes model by model investigating the goods. There are tons of great asses in thongs, but Jasmine's is the best! Miss Dustin will have you bustin! And last but not least, Sarah Shahi is arrested and cuffed over the hood of a car. We see her ass in the air in a short skirt and some great downblouse as she's interrogated by Tucker. For years there have been rumors about a fourth Rush Hour film, but until that day you can spend a few hours with our smoking hot crushes in the final flick!