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Rossa Venezia

Rossa Venezia (2003)

Great Nudity!

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Is it porn, or is it is a horror film? If it's Rossa Venezia (2003), it's both, for those of you who like some blood with your sex, or vice versa! This gory tale of a serial killer on the loose in Venice highlights the sex lives of a stable of German actresses as they get their freak on only to be sliced and diced moments later. Expect full frontals from a veritable bevy of Euro tarts, including Romana, Marianna Bertucci, Michelle Bond, Yunisa Frometa, Katharina Herm, Sabine Ironheart, and Marion Ley. Marianna is particularly hot in a scene 2 hours and 25 minutes in, when she shows her furry frontal fun after Sabine threatens her with a knife. She eventually manages to free herself from her bindings but until then it's great!  Yunisa shows her breasts and bush in a scene that showcases her munching on another hotties muffin. Sabin Ironheart will make you eat your heart out twice in this flick. The first time is 20-minutes in when she shows off every single inch of her body while masturbating in a cot. Hot! About ten minutes later, you'll see some shaved frontal fun from Sabine when she gets violated in a nightmare sequence. She may have an iron heart, but the rest of her looks pretty soft! Marion Ley gives us a glimpse of her jug and a big bald beaver when Marion offers up her own snatch for some lezzie action! You'll be wanking in no time when you turn on this flick!