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Reel Zombies

Reel Zombies (2008)

Brief Nudity


Reel Zombies (2008) tells the tale of two filmmakers, Mike Masters and David J. Francis, who are out to make the third movie of their zombie trilogy. Unfortunately, an actual zombie apocalypse has begun, and any kind of undead propaganda has been outlawed. These two idiotically ambitious moviemakers decide to shoot the third anyway, hoping that its stock value will increase tenfold when all the real-life zombies are dead and gone. Their brilliant idea? Use real zombies instead of fake ones, increasing the production value of the film at no extra cost to them. This film may be low budget, but it's a hilarious one, sporting the tagline, "When the dead rise, the cameras roll." So there's that.  While there are many undead roaming the sets, there aren't quite as many naked women, though Stephannie Hawkins helps quite a bit, who asks important questions like, "So why am I nude in this scene?" while she boasts boobs and butt. This meta movie (the filmmakers really did produce Zombie Nights 1 and 2) will leave you feeling reely good.