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Pivotal Moments in Nudity: Part 2

The playlist continues with the most pivotal sexy moments in cinema nudity. You saw the first playlist, so now enjoy this one that starts with the iconic Demi Moore scene in Striptease, the lesbian scene from Blue is the Warmest Color, Bo Derek in 10 and Kate Winslet showing her boobs and bush in 1996's Jude. Continue watching to see legendary nudity from Phoebe Cates, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nastassja Kinski, Pam Grier, Olivia Munn, Cerina Vincent, Kristine DeBell, Victoria Basteland the one and only Chesty Morgan. Continue watching to see the shower scene from Porky's, the nudity in Greetings, The Howling, The Immoral Mr. Teas, Tarzan, and His Mate, Halloween, Valley Girl, Star 80, The Outlaw, and Ann-Margret's breasts in Magic. This entire playlist? Pure historic magic!

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