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Magic (1978)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


When is a dummy not so dumb? When he's the one pulling the strings--at least psychologically speaking--as is the case between the bold dummy Fats and his shy, demure, ventriloquist partner Corky (Anthony Hopkins) in the 1978 fright-fest Magic. A timid magician whose act is failing due to his total lack of charisma, Corky decides he'll give ventriloquism a shot and finds that crowds love his bold, brave, and totally non-PC dummy Fats. But at the precise moment that Corky's voice-throwing act is poised to become a show-business sensation, he packs up Fats and heads to his boyhood home in search of the girl who, years earlier, broke his heart. Or maybe he's just dodging the mental health test the networks keep trying to give him, if he agrees to appear on their highest rated shows. The longed-for female is Peggy Ann, played by Ann-Margret, so Corky's motivation is easy for any red-blooded male to understand. She's got a husband (Ed Lauter), but is easily wooed by how Corky becomes cool when he's behaving like Fats. Unfortunately, the oak-hearted Fats is not so sympathetic, and so begins the unraveling of Corky's consciousness as the part of his personality that he projects into the dummy creeps into, and then takes over his entire being. Soon enough, Corky is murdering everyone using Fats as his alter ego. Or is it Fats who is really controlling Corky? Who can really say? Magic is one movie about a man with a talking doll on his knee that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But the real magic moment in the movie comes when Ann-Margret let's us see her rack. She's hopped in bed with Anthony Hopkins, and there's no movie magic there, it's just the legendary sex icon and onetime Elvis girlfriend's perky pair in the flesh! We sure doubt Jeff Dunham's ever done it with a woman that absurdly erotic! Those tits will leave you dumbfounded in the OG creepy ventriloquist doll flick, Magic!