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Perfect Life

Perfect Life (2019-2021)

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Perfect Life (2019) is a Spanish series about three different adult women in their 30s who have far from perfect lives, but that does not stop them from trying. Maria, Cris, and Esther are our main characters. Maria (Leticia Dolera) is about to buy a home to live in with her husband and kids when it hits her than she might never be able to truly surprise her husband sexually ever again. She then turns to her lesbian and artist sister Esther (Aixa Villagran) to help her through this existential - or SEXistential - crisis. She gives her sister drugs to loosen up which means that Maria arrives at Cris' daughter's birthday party high. Cris (Celia Freijiero) has her own problems with her husband Pablo that she is keeping a secret from her friends. At the party, Maria flirts with a janitor and gets laid by him in a children's bouncy castle which knocks her up. Whoops! All three women have their own problems, but they try to act like everything is fine for each other...until the dam simply breaks which is basically when this series takes off. Do you know what else is taken off? Clothes! Aixa Villagran has some lesbian smooches with her lovers Kathy Sey and Candela Anton. We see Kathy's breasts, but we only get to see Candela in a bra. We do get to check out the yabos on Leticia as well as the cans on Celia who also shows off her breasts. These babes are close to perfect!