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30 Coins

30 Coins (2020-2023)

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Take The Exorcist (1973), but instead of Max Von Sydow spattering holy water and reading the scripture, you got a bad-ass priest spattering 12-gauge buck shot dipped in holy water at the various incarnations of evil coming out of a version of hell that looks like David Cronenberg is in charge, and you got 30 Coins!  In this Spanish series we follow a "tough as a coffin nail" priest, who is also a boxer/ex-con/exorcist who was kicked out of Rome and sent to a small town in the boondocks of Spain.  When he arrives in the idyllic burg, he takes the mantle of the new Padre in town very seriously, but there is a hidden evil among the small-town locals that keeps rearing it's ugly head every now and again.  He thought he left all his proper demons behind him and was going to live out the rest of his days giving communion to the simple farmers around town, but when a cow gives birth to what appears to be a human baby, he knows something evil is afoot!  He teams up with the town's veterinarian and the popular mayor to get to the bottom of the festering evil that is beginning to come around.  For Padre Vergara (Eduard Fernández), he's going to all the help he can get when these demons begin to start eating souls in this shepherd's flock, so pass the Old Testament and the ammunition, take a swig of some of the strongest sacrament you can find, and get ready to get surgical on some ugly-ass demons with a sawed off scattergun in this action packed horror series from Spain!  Also, it wouldn't be a Spanish TV series if there wasn't a bevy of scalding hot señoritas on both sides of the evil spectrum in this one, so buckle up for the action and onward to your "little" Christian soldier below the belt!