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El Cid

El Cid (2020-2021)

Great Nudity!


El Cid (2020) is a historical drama from Spain that takes a look at 1400s Spain when the nation was fighting religious battles between Catholics, Muslims, and Jews. This story in particular takes a look at the real medieval hero Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar which dramatizes him to be a hero. He was a Castilian war hero in middle ages Spain who fights for the crown against the Islamic rulers from the Moorish empire. While that dude is wielding a sword against any enemies of his and his country's, you will keep your own sword busy when you check out the naked babes in this series. Historical hotties include Ella Galera who plays Reina Sancha la Bella as she shows off her beautiful booty. Check out that sexy queen. Speaking of royal nudity, Alicia Sanz plays La infanta Urraca who also bares her buns. These ladies and their royal seat meats sure are satisfying. For a more royal rack, check out Sarah Perles who plays Amina. She not only shows her ass - just like the other girls - but she breaks out from the rest by also getting topless and showing off her big boobs. She gets undressed and shows off her hiney to the camera before getting into bed naked and having her man make love to her. When she is on her back in this love scene, we get to really take in her round nipples atop her big, beautiful bazongas. El Cid knows how to show los cans!