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The New Pope

The New Pope (2020)

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A must see drama about the papacy, The New Pope (2020) is the HBO follow-up to the papal series starring Jude Law as The Young Pope. In this one, the young pope has been replaced by an older, but still wild, new head of the Church. Jude Law returns as Pious XIII AKA Lenny Belardo and John Malkovich joins the cast as Sir John Brannox AKA John Paul III. While The Young Pope centered around Jude's character as he became the pope, this one starts with Lenny Balardo in a coma after suffering a huge heart attack. Unable to lead, he has to get replaced, so Brannox lands the role. But while Brannox isn't young, he's pretty hip. The new Pope can't get enough of his celebrity status and soon enough he's chatting it up with Meghan Markle, Marilyn Manson and Sharon Stone. At first, it seems like he's happy to be an empty suit, but this British former punk rocker just might no be the pushover his handlers hoped for when it comes time to reform the church. Only HBO could make a show about the pope this dope! In fact, there's plenty of nudity, apparently, even religious zealots can't resist a great set of tits! Just because these are men of the collar doesn't mean they don't get hot under the collar for sexy Vatican vixens. Daria Baykalova is one of those vixens who shows off her breasts and legs when she chills in a bathtub. Her scrub-a-dub-dub will make you want to scrub-a-tug-tug! Later she'll show all three B's while strolling around her bedroom. Cecile de France meanwhile has a very hot masturbation scene. She puts her phone down between her legs as she touches herself to the vibrations. Betcha that had some Catholics whipping out their dicks! She is naked underneath a silk sheet, but as she writhes in pleasure the sheet lowers to show her bare breasts. When she's done, Jude Law gives her a loving pat on the arm for a job well done. Now that scene will leave you praying for more! We see her bush when she looks in a mirror naked, but she's not the only one going full frontal. The blonde bombshell Ludivine Sagnier's divine body is on full display when her and a bunch of others stand naked on the beach. They didn't show us those double D's in CCD! Eco Andriolo Ranzi, Chiara Mocci, Kika Georgiou and Caroline Tillette and Yuliya Snigir all show their sucksacks at various points as well. Forget debating Catholic dogma, these women are begging for some dude to do them doggy style! Thanks to The New Pope, now we know there are tons of hot chicks with amazing cans spending their days worshipping at the Vatican! Thanks to all the nudes, you'll shoot a rope watching The New Pope!