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Wrong Side of the Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022-2023)

Great Nudity!


Tirso (Jose Coronado) is a family man but is also a hardened war veteran, so when some gangs of drug dealers move into his neighborhood, he takes exception to their presence. When his teenage granddaughter, Irene (Nona Sobo) who is living with him now ends up getting hooked on drugs and then roughed up by some of the bad guys, their presence becomes more than personal!  Tirso decides to become a one man wrecking machine to help protect his granddaughter and all the other youths in his neighborhood and he has the experience and know how to administer his brand of vigilante justice to these punks!  He'll kick their asses back to the Wrong Side of the Tracks for good!  This Netflix series out of Spain brings to us one of the hottest Nudecomers to come our way in years, Nona Sobo, who spends a good portion of the series in either skimpy clothes or straight up nude in a couple of impressive and Skin-tillating showings!