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Override (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Override (2021) was one of the first flicks out of the gate in the year of our lord 2021, a distinction not many films wanted. The film takes us, not to a simpler time, but to the future. You see, what Override presupposes is that in the not-so-distant future of 2040, AI will have advanced to the point of people not knowing whether someone is real or an android! The gorgeous, steely-eyed brunette beauty Jess Impiazzi stars a Ria, a woman whose normal existence with her husband Jack (Luke Goss) is upended suddenly one day. Almost like a switch was flipped in her head, Ria goes crazy and flees her house and her existence, discovering that she's not a person, but an advanced form of AI that perfectly mimics humans. Ria then discovers that Jack is not her husband, but rather a man who is using her to carry out a Byzantine assassination plot that will have her kidnap the son of the Vice President (Dean Cain, yeah right) and assassinate him on live television! Sound confusing? Well, it all makes sense when you see Override because what happens is that, much like the film's title would suggest, the part of your brain that looks for logic and reason gets overridden when it sees Jess Impiazzi naked! That's right, the gorgeous gal bares some terrific T'n'A in a pair of nude scenes that are sure to fire up your hard drive! Not to suggest that you're really a computer disguised as a person, but in the world of Override, anything's possible!