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Novitiate (2017)

Great Nudity!

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When it comes to showing nudity, the convent-set drama Novitiate (2017) is second to nun! Set in rural Tennessee during the 1950s, the period piece depicts the early days of Vatican II when a bunch of nuns must adapt to the church’s new rules. In other words, the R rated flick follows the changing habits of Sister Cathleen Harris (Margaret Qualley), Sister Mary Grace (Dianna Agron), Sister Evelyn (Morgan Saylor), Sister Candace (Eline Powell), Sister Charlotte (Chelsea Lopez), Sister Emily (Liana Liberato), Sister Sissy (Maddie Hasson), and their Reverend Mother Marie Saint-Clair (Melissa Leo). Thanks to writer/director Maggie Betts, we get to witness the sisters exploring their sexuality — which includes the totally sinful acts of masturbation and lesbianism! No wonder Ms. Betts won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the indie pic was named Outstanding Feature Film at the Women’s Image Network Awards. If that’s not exciting enough, the movie includes two nude scenes. The first involves Sister Louisa (Marshall Chapman) strutting her stuff in the buff at the 53-minute mark. As the naked lady walks into the dining room, she serves up a heaping helping of her mature mams and trimmed bush. Holy moly! Ms. Qualley’s character and Sister Emanuel (Rebecca Dayan) share a sapphic smooch fifty minutes later. And just ten minutes after that, we’re treated to Margaret’s nude debut. When the sexy brunette takes off her habit and bends down to pick up a fallen crucifix, she exposes her bare breasts. Amen to that!