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Ayla (2017)

Great Nudity!

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Ayla (2017) is about a man whose four-year-old sister died mysteriously years ago. Thirty years later she is brought back to life as an adult woman, but it isn't as simple as that. Her new life isn't without consequences! The sexy Sarah Schoofs is completely naked from head to toe to show off her plump buns and petite figure as she has sex with a man. She goes for a ride on a dude, letting her chest puppie bounce, but her guy gets distracted by a vision of topless Tristan Risk on the ceiling. We're distracted, too! Tristan gives us every inch of her beautiful body from a glimmer of her bush to pokey nips when she wears a tank top. She is naked in so much of the movie to let us admire her derriere and her gorgeous gams. Her rack ain't bad either! We're definitely glad she was brought back to life as a grown adult sexy woman. You can also see her gorgeous ass at the 50-minute mark when a nude Tristan turns and walks out of the room, showing off her amazing ass for 18 seconds. At the 54-minute mark, there's more boobs and buns on Sarah as she gets banged by a dude, with a quick flash of breasts as she turns into Tristan Risk at the end. You'll be reaching the end of your wank session after seeing that scene. Ayla is full of masturbation fuel from start to finish. And boy will you finish!