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Reg Watson had killed it in the land down under with his soap opera Sons and Daughters, so in 1985 The Seven Network let him give it a go a second time and see if he could match that success. Mission accomplished, since what he came up with was the longest running Australian television drama of all time, Neighbours. Following the lives of those who live on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, a fake suburb outside of Melbourne, Neighbours debuted in 1985, and continues to air episodes today. The plot of the bitter, longtime rival of Home & Away is pretty simple: we follow the residents of a fancy Cul de Sac as they deal with their day to day lives. Some of the wilder episodes involved a tornado touching down on the street, one of the characters accusing her Chinese neighbors of eating their family dog, a grown woman getting amnesia and thinking she's a teenager, a dude bailing on his wedding to become a priest after sharing a touching moment with a Jesus statue, and an honest to goodness dream sequence from the perspective of a family's golden retriever. Wild stuff. The show has also given a leg up to the careers of many a leggy Aussie hottie, including Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance, Rachel Blakely, Radha Mitchell, and many, many more. But with all due respect to those babers, the best stuff comes from a pair of Natalie's with some awesomely plump pairs: Natalie Blair and Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Both Natalie B's bring the heat, with Miss Blair showing her banging body in a red bikini, and Miss Bassingthwaighte displaying her even bigger breasts in a green bikini top. Not exactly your average girls next door! Having aired more than 5,000 episodes, Neighbours is a staple of Australian TV and will be dishing up drama and hot mamas for many years to come.



Betty Bristow

Jane Allsop

Samantha Spry / Shelley Harris

Imogen Bailey

Nicola West

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Sexy - as Izzy Hoyland

1 Pic
Pippa Black

Elle Robinson

Natalie Blair

Sexy - as Carmella Cammeniti

2 Pics
Rachel Blakely

Gaby Willis

Carolyn Bock

Rachel Bailey

Simone Buchanan

Samantha Fitzgerald

Renai Caruso

Olivia Rezzara

Nicola Charles

Sarah Beaumont

Sally Cooper

Maggie Hancock

Kimberley Davies

Annalise Hartman

Leah de Niese

Larissa Caldwell

Kylie Foster

Wendy Gibson

Regina Gaigalas

Linda Carpenter / Andrea Townsend

Nadine Garner

Rachel Burns

Diana Glenn

Shannon Jones

Delta Goodrem

Nina Tucker

Raelee Hill

Serendipity Gottlieb

Natalie Imbruglia

Beth Brennan

Sue Ingleton

Portia Grant

Tessa James

Anne Baxter

Petra Jared

Georgia Brown

Sue Jones

Pam Willis

Geneviève Lemon

Brenda Riley

Kylie Minogue

Charlene Robinson

Radha Mitchell

Catherine O'Brien

Nicki Paull

Natalie Rigby

Anne Pendlebury

Hilary Robinson

Alexis Porter

Justine Spensley

Margot Robbie

Donna Brown

Natalie Saleeba

Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti

Brooke Satchwell

Anne Wilkinson

Carole Skinner

Laura Dennison

Sianoa Smit-McPhee

Bree Timmins

Caitlin Stasey

Rachel Kinski

Holly Valance

Felicity Scully

Kym Valentine

Libby Kennedy

Madeleine West

Dione Bliss

Nicky Whelan

Pepper Steiger

Alison Whyte

Amber Martin

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