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Home and Away is an Australian soap opera that been on the air since 1987. It has a bevy of beauties in it. One we especially love. Let’s set the scene: In a room of butterfly wallpaper, the lady in her underwear is queen. Or something like that. What can we say, Tessa James makes us pine poetic. When she hits the beach in a bikini a size or two too small, all we can do is thank Neptune, who trident was never harder than watching Tessa’s tush bump and grind. The beautiful blonde where’s so many tiny bikini tops that barely hold in her hoots that we’re surprised there’s not a scene showing her changing into one or the other. That’s a waste, because we’d like to see her goods untarnished by clothing. The consensus among fans of the show seems to be that it's an easy show to appreciate if you're aware of the history. Sure, the story and characters are a little over-exaggerated and normal life is not nearly as adventurous, but that's what makes it watchable in the first place! Divorce, affairs, pregnancy, runaway kids, abusive families, love, and loss are all common themes in this series, and the drama is more than enough to hold a person's interest if they' have a proclivity for such things. The only thing that would've made it more recommendable among flesh fiends is if it featured far more nudity from the ladies on display. That would have been far and away Mr. Skin's favorite part!


Rachael Blake

Mandy Thomas

Rebecca Breeds

Ruby Buckton

Debra Byrne

Julia Bowman

Beth Champion

Sheree Anderson

Liddy Clark

Kerry Barlow

Justine Clarke

Roo Stewart

Indiana Evans

Matilda Hunter

Isla Fisher

Shannon Reed

Kylie Foster

Leanne Dunn

Melissa George

Angel Brooks / Parish

Emma Griffin

Dallas Phillips

Lauren Hewett

Mikki Salter / Miranda Porter

Stephanie Jacobsen

Charlotte Adams

Tessa James

Sexy - as Nicole Franklin

8 Pics
Lenka Kripac

Frankie Brooks

Angelica La Bozzetta

Natalie Nash (#1)

Elizabeth Lackey

Roxanne Miller

Elaine Lee

Joy Foxton

Isabel Lucas

Tasha Andrews

Suzie MacKenzie

Donna De Bono

Jessica McNamee

Lisa Duffy

Kris McQuade

Laura Brennan / Kate O'Connor

Adrienne Pickering

Natalie Franklin

Felicity Price

Jane Avent

Dee Smart

Lucinda Croft

Joy Smithers

Paula Rogers

Danielle Spencer

Quinn Jackson

Tammin Sursok

Dani Sutherland

Peta Toppano

Helen Poulos

Laura Vazquez

Sarah Thompson

Sharni Vinson

Cassie Turner

Tasma Walton

Rachel Watson

Naomi Watts

Julie Gibson

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