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Return to Eden

Return to Eden (1983-1986)

Brief Nudity


Stephanie Harper seems to have the quintessential dream life, until her best friend steals her husband. In the husband’s attempt to get all of her money, he pushes her off of a boat and into a crocodile’s mouth. She miraculously survives the attempted murder and spends months in the hospital getting a new beauty made over her disfigured body and face. She returns back to the surface with a whole new look and name in order to get back at the man who put her in this situation. The husband is caught in the 7 year waiting period required to get her money, and after that plans to marry her best friend. But she will do everything she can to make sure that doesn’t happen, and she has the upper hand.

Rebecca Gilling plays Stephanie Harper and her later alter ego Tara Wells. Only foggy or covered glimpses of her nipples come into shot when she’s in the shower and lying on the sand. That’s funny, I thought everyone was naked in Eden.