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Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing (2005)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Created by: Geoff Deane
  • Network: Seven, Seven Network
  • Country: Australia
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Last Man Standing was an Australian drama series that ran for just one season back in 2005. The story follows the adventures of a group of three twenty something male friends, searching for love in the city of Melbourne. They have their professional lives all sorted out, but their personal lives are a mess. Adam (Rodger Corser) was part of a power couple for so long he's completely forgotten how to play the dating game. Cameron (Matt Passmore) fancied himself a ladies' man, right up until his lady (Miriama Smith) cheated on him, and has even begun taking some of the women he pursues into bed with her! And Bruno (Travis McMahon) has a real nasty habit of chasing unobtainable women who won't treat him right. You know who treated us right? The people behind this TV show who made sure to include tons of nudity! Since they're all single, it means each of the fellas go through lots of naked babes! First up is Miriama Smith who shows off her swingers as she lays under a guy, then rides him, and then sits next to him in bed, though her hair partially obscures her hooters. Then there's Peta Sergeant who gives us some scintillating side boob as she suns face down at a beach! Jane Allsop shows it's all good up top, when shelets loose her left lobber while laying under a guy in the sack! Susan Godfrey gets out her gobstoppers as she rides a different guy! Finally there's Alexandra Schepisi who gives us the slightest glimpse of her left lactoid as she gets pounded by another dude! Last Man Standing? It doesn't seem like these guys ever leave the bed!