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Modern Vampires (1999)

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Modern Vampires (1998) is a straight to video release about a current Count Dracula who inhabits the cityscape of LA. His occupation nowadays is night club owner, which gives him many enemies outside his structure of power. One of the people that irks him is Nico, a streetwalker who picks off victims whenever she gets the blood craving. Dracula learns that his former protégé, Dallas, is in town, and as if by luck, Nico decides to try and suck his blood. But when both find out that they’re the same breed of fiend, they begin a sex charged relationship. A vampire hunter comes into town and captures Nico. Now Dallas has to bargain for her life by giving them info on the whereabouts of Dracula. Roberta Hanley plays a victim who’s all bloody with her boobs exposed on the floor. And playing the role of Nico is Natasha Gregson Wagner, who provides a powerful amount of puppies while caught in the act, and while washing up. Don’t be a sucker and miss these scenes.


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