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Millie's Homecoming

Millie's Homecoming (1971)

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Fred J. Lincoln and Dolly Sharp are wealthy sophisticates Lord and Lady Zazu in the 1971 hardcore grindhouse flick Millie's Homecoming. As the Manhattanite couple awaits the return of their daughter, Millie (Arlana Blue), from college, Lady Zazu gets extremely nervous but also kind of horny, and enlists the lesbian services of their maid, Hazel (Tina Russell) to take care of both her problems. And when Millie finally does arrive, the celebrations are so debauched that Lord Zazu accidentally bangs his own daughter, mistaking her buns and backburger for Lady Zazu's in his blind drunkenness. But neither father nor daughter feels any compunction about violating humanity’s most fundamental sexual prohibition, and they run off to tell the rest of the family about the delights of forbidden fun. These days, that's page one porn search stuff, but back in the 70's that was a wild idea! Filmed in one day with what could only be described as a very loose sense of a script, this old school porn just may have been where the idea for your favorite stepdaughter stuff was born! No camera cutaways: this is a hardcore flick with plenty of real pussy taking real dick. As Lady Zazu, Dolly Sharp shows her lady parts, and even slobs all over some dude's knob in the shower, for real. Tina Russell uses a toy for some fun, an a super grainy but super closeup shot of her hooha as she enjoys some time with a dildo. Vanessa Del Rio even lends a heling hand before it's Tina's time to return the favor. But it's the titular Millie who the flick's all about. We see all three of her B's as a fella plays with her kitty, eats her out, and tries the famed 69 position. Must've learned that in college. No wonder they couldn't wait for her to come home! Mom, dad, the maid, everyone's getting laid! The entire house is cumming in Millie's Homecoming