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Star Virgin

Star Virgin (1979)

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When our Star Virgin (1979) arrives on a strange planet with no one but robots surrounding her, she knows two things: she's the last living human, engineered in a test tube, and that she's really, really horny. But, since she's the only human around, she doesn't even know what being horny is. Played by Hustler centerfold Kari Klark, this sexed-up human seduces her robot mentor (Kevin Thompson) (who she calls Mentor) so he'll teach her all about sex. No, not like that, though she'll use a mechanic dick not so soon after. He does so by showing her pornographic videos of yesteryear so she'll understand what life was like when there were men and women doing the deed, swapping some seed. It starts with a 1950s reenactment of the Adam and Eve story, except this time fruit is used in several of Eve's (Tracy Walton's) orifices and the snake in the tree is an old man giving "Adam" (Bud Wise) directions while he bangs the completely nude Eve in a real sex scene. Still, you'll wish you had a girl like Tracy hopping into your lap after the sockhop! Then there's a sex-with-Dracula-and-Ronald-Reagan scene (just go with it) and a boobs, butt, and bush baring Tantala Ray playing a stripper who satisfies a room full of men. We can't forget the now writhing star of Star Virgin, Kari Klark, who has seen so much sex that she's oiled up and masturbating with a dildo right in front of Mentor, who would definitely bone her if he had the right machinery. Sorry, Mentor—but we'd gladly take your place after watching Star Virgin