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Maniac (2012)

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Elijah Wood continued his campaign to de-Frodo his image with a chilling starring role in the slasher flick remake Maniac (2013). The original was a notoriously sadistic 1980 serial-killer pic that some consider one of the best horror movies ever made. The remake comes from the keyboards of French horror duo Alexandre Aja and Grégory Lavasseur, who along with director Frenck Khalfoun took William Lustig's tale of a seriously disturbed New Yorker with penchant for scalping hookers and switched locales to the streets of LA, while adding in some online dating plot points. Filmed almost entirely from Wood's POV, Elijah plays Frank Zito, the owner of a mannequin store who likes to seduce, stab and scalp women to put their hair on top of his mannequins. After doing that a few times, he falls for the photographer Anna (Nora Amezeder) who thinks she can use his mannequins for her art project. But Anna's got a boyfriend and some friends who don't like him, so soon enough it's scalping time again. And when Anna starts to suspect he's behind the killings, he might just have to add another scalp to his collection. People might hate remakes, but Maniac improves upon the original in at least one aspect: whereas Abigail Clayton provided the only skin scene in the 1980 Maniac, in this version we get bare boobs from the tatted temptress Megan Duffy as we watch Mr. Zito play with her titties in POV, Genevieve Alexandra as one of Frank's victims he peeps on from a closet, and a nice rear view from Jan Broberg when Frank ties her up. But the best breastage comes from America Olivo as the Magdalene mommy who started it all by letting Frank watch as she fornicated for funds. Off the top of our heads, we can't think of a scalping serial killer movie with more POV mammage. With all that skin, Maniac is sure to incite at least a few spilling sprees.