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Addicted to Blood

Addicted to Blood (2011)

Great Nudity!

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You thought your porn addiction was bad? Try being Addicted to Blood (2011). This steamy softcore flick stars Domi Arcangeli as Krystal, vampire hunk and leader of a legion of LA bloodsuckers. Krystal lures pretty club kids back to his mansion of undead delights with two very potent narcotics: crystal meth and the promise he’ll make them famous. Both turn out to be equally effective in giving the vamps access to that sweet, sweet teenage flesh. Your blood will certainly be pumping when you see sexy, succulent Becah Husted strip fully nude, along with full nudity from Joycelyne Lew and FFN from Melinda McKelvey, Daisi Pollard,  Deanna Pyatt, Bria Roberts, Tiffany Tomera, Sydney Vain, and Keyla Wood. We wouldn’t mind pounding a stake into that!