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Love Life

Love Life (2020-2021)

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Debuting in 2020, HBO Max's Love Life is a rom-com anthology series with a unique twist: every episode follows a failed relationship in the life of our protagonist. Season one followed Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), a twenty-something NYC based artist trying to hit it big in the big apple. We watch as she dates the career driven journalist Augie before he heads off to Washington D.C., starts boning her divorced boss, ends up falling out of love with her entirely unambitious chef husband, and even gets back with the journalist a few years later. This girl gets around! Shame she never got around to going full frontal! We do get to see some sexual activity from Anna, but in every stage of life she manages to keep her clothes on. Still, there's some cleavage, some lingerie looks, and even an arm blocking her boob! Season two of the show switched over from the female perspective, and suddenly, instead of following around Anna, we were watching the love life of William Jackson Harper's Marcus Watkins, an NYC based book editor whose marriage falls apart when he gets eyes for another woman. Soon enough, he's a young divorcee flung headfirst into the dating world. While Anna's a bit of a sad sack, Marcus manages to get all sorts of sexy black women in the sack. Sideboob from the busty Yasha Jackson in a sundress might tempt his eye, but soon enough he'll find himself in bed with a nighty wearing Ego Nwodim, and stripping the jiggly jugs of Miss Jessica Williams out of a tight grey dress. Throw in him getting ridden by Aline Mayagoitia, and more, and, at least on Love Life, Marcus' life is the one we'd love to have!