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The Chair

The Chair (2021)

Brief Nudity


Coming to us from co-creator Amanda Peet, the Netflix series The Chair debuted in the late summer of 2021, right when everyone's thinking about going back to school, which is appropriate as the show is set in the world of academia. Sandra Oh stars as Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of color ever appointed the chair of a department—in this case, the English department—at the prestigious fictional Pembroke University in the series, who vows to make sweeping changes to the way things are being done at the school. Of course, this puts her into direct conflict with the monied old guard at the school, who prefer things to continue being a boys club. The show's other primary focus is on Bill (Jay Duplass) a professor entering his tenure year at the school while also dealing with the fallout from the sudden and unexpected death of his wife (Celina Nemec). Things go from bad to worse for Bill when a video of a rather provocative lecture that he gave goes viral, putting him in direct conflict with the school's higher ups, but also making him an unexpected ally of the new chair of the English department. Now these two strange bedfellows are going to have to make things work or they both might be out on their asses! While the show's first season was a rollicking good time, it was surprisingly and disappointingly light on skin! There is a sexy scene where Duplass' character unexpectedly plays a video of his deceased wife Celina Nemec who is topless and pregnant in the video, but that's about it in terms of nudity! Celina's nice knockers might just knock you out of your Chair!