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The Third Day

The Third Day (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Buckle up and strap in for a trippy and star studded ride with this new mini-series from HBO, The Third Day.  The story is set on an island off the coast of Britain and the strange yet hospitable locals who may be the nicest townies you've ever met, or could very well be a thinly veiled religious fundamentalist group of nut jobs, hell bent on the supernatural aspect of the island they consider "the center of the universe".  This 6-part series is actually told in a couple of three part chapters, the first three episodes focus on "Summer" when Jude Law and Katherine Waterston both end up stuck on the island when the causeway that leads to the mainland gets over taken by the high tide and they need to spend a few days sharing a room at the only inn in town.  As they grow closer you begin to hear the story of Sam's (Jude Law) tragic loss and backstory as well as the story of Jess (Katherine Waterston) as their surroundings grow darker, more psychedelic, and the locals begin to show more of their evil side in small ways.  In the last three chapters we follow Helen (Naomie Harris) in the "Winter", but as the stories unfold, you start to see similar patterns in the locals rituals, behaviors towards the outsiders coming to their island, and it could very well be no coincidence that Sam and Helen both came to this island at different time as their stories come crashing together!  With more famous faces than you can shake a Wiccan wand at, including a brief but lovely nip slip by Katherine Waterston, this series is bound to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and probably make something else stand-up too, if you know what we're saying!