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4400 (2021)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Created by: Anna Fricke, Ariana Jackson
  • Rated: TV-14
  • Network: The CW
  • Country: USA
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4400 (2021) refers to 4400 missing marginalized people who seem to have vanished without a trace over the last hundred years or so. This is a science fiction story, so don't go around thinking that this is a docuseries although that sounds strikingly similar to something that could be real. This is a mystery with sci-fi elements that will leave you with questions! Suddenly, all of those people are returned and none of them have aged a day. Not only that, but none of them have any memory of what happened to them. Thousands of people are back in the year 2021 after having been missing for years with no knowledge that they were even missing. We follow their stories as we go forward and backward in time to learn more about all of these characters and what may have happened to them when they were missing. Why were they missing? Was this alien doing? We will have to find out! Brittany Adebumola stars as the leading lady and a bunch of sexy women round out the cast including Ireon Roach who plays Keisha. She takes home her hot honey played by Kausar Mohammed and the two of them have a sapphic spit swap as they make out. They nearly fall over each other as they passionately kiss! We do not get to see any skin from these two lusty lesbos, but we certainly cannot wait to see more from these babes. Hopefully, their clothes can go mysteriously missing and never return!